Guangdong micro Edible Mushroom
Technology Co., Ltd.

Enterprise concept Corporate vision: to become a high-tech enterprise facing the world and leading the domestic edible and medicinal fungus industry to become a first-class industry-university-research enterprise in the field of edible and medicinal fungi, to lead the development of the industry into a valuable enterprise, and to provide high-quality edible and medicinal fungus products for human beings. Social mission: specializing in the study of chlorothalonil and embellish sentient beings.
Core value Integrity-based: we always adhere to the spirit of contract, integrity in customers, integrity in employees, integrity in society, and actively create a sunny and transparent environment. Innovation and development: dare to break through tradition, always adhere to technological innovation and management innovation, so that employees and enterprises can enhance their self-value in the process of continuous innovation. Quality first: the use of leading scientific research technology, the pursuit of Excelsior production technology, the establishment of stringent quality control, the production of products to reassure consumers Thanksgiving return: inheriting Chinese traditional virtues, actively fulfill social responsibility. Repay with gratitude, benefit others, benefit the people and serve the society.
business management Enterprise spirit: scientific development, truth-seeking and pragmatic, positive and enterprising, courageously scale heights. The concept of enterprise development: treat the development of the enterprise with a scientific attitude and formulate strategies suitable for the development of the enterprise;Take scientific research and production seriously and actively open up the market; Promote the brand, go all out for the development of the enterprise, in order to achieve the ideal new realm. Business philosophy: quality first, customer first, quality enterprise, benefit sharing. Quality policy: perseverance, excellence, technological innovation, abide by quality; meticulous development, mushroom healthy people.

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