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Issuing time:2023-09-20 17:57

Congratulations| Guangdong micro-selenium-rich Cordyceps militaris powder won the "Fifth Natural New Power innovative Raw material selection" Source ingredients Award

Recently, the fifth selection of innovative raw materials of natural new forces in 2022 was successfully held in Haikou, Hainan.

The purpose of this selection is to tap the innovative potential in raw materials, technology and application, and to empower the natural health industrial enterprises in the whole industry. Yuewei patented technology product "selenium-rich Cordyceps militaris powder" has been carefully selected through auditions, reviews and other rounds. It stood out among 136 evaluation projects and won the "Source ingredients Award".

This honor affirms the spirit of Yuewei's scientific research team to tackle key problems assiduously and has the courage to innovate, and once again highlights Yuewei's strong scientific research and technology in the field of edible and medicinal fungi.

About "selenium-rich Cordyceps militaris"

This award-winning "selenium-rich Cordyceps militaris powder" is developed by Yue Wei's new generation of patented technology product "selenium-rich Cordyceps militaris".

The research team screened excellent Cordyceps militaris strains from the largest germplasm bank of wild edible and medicinal fungi in South China, and prepared polysaccharide functionalized nano-selenium by using nano-selenium patent technology, which is based on the special molecular polymer of polysaccharide structure. it can effectively improve the biological activity of nano-selenium and solve the problem of biological activity of nano-selenium, and selenium-rich Cordyceps militaris rich in selenocystine can be obtained by biotransformation technology.

The organic selenium content of selenium-rich Cordyceps militaris is high (organic selenium content accounts for more than 90% of the total selenium content), and the main form of organic selenium is selenocysteine (the content is as high as 19%).

Physiological function of selenium-rich Cordyceps militaris

Evaluation of relieving hyperuricemia

The research team of Yue Wei established the mouse model of hyperuricemia by intragastric administration of Hypoxanthine combined with intraperitoneal injection of potassium oxazinate to explore the effects of selenium-rich Cordyceps militaris on serum uric acid and antioxidant capacity of hyperuricemia animals.

The results showed that selenium-enriched Cordyceps militaris could effectively control the serum uric acid of hyperuricemia mice induced by Hypoxanthine and potassium oxazinate, and significantly enhance the antioxidant capacity of animals and reduce lipid peroxidation. Increase the ability of scavenging oxygen free radicals (see figure 1-4).

Relieve neuroinflammation and intestinal flora imbalance

Yue Wei, together with Jinan University and the Institute of Microbiology of Guangdong Academy of Sciences, conducted a study on the mechanism of selenium-enriched Cordyceps militaris new selenium peptide on the effect of targeted intestinal flora on brain health in mice with neuroinflammation.

The results showed that the selenium polypeptides VPRKL (Se) M (Se-P1) and RYNA (Se) MNDYT (Se-P2) isolated from selenium-rich Cordyceps militaris had neuroprotective effects, which could alleviate the neuroinflammation and cognitive impairment induced by LPS, and alleviate the intestinal inflammation and intestinal flora imbalance induced by LPS.

At the same time, this experiment confirmed that there is a close relationship between intestinal homeostasis, intestinal flora structure and neuroinflammation (figure 5-figure 9).

It can be seen that the positive effect of selenopeptide (Se-Ps) on intestinal tract and microflora may be one of the potential ways to improve neuroinflammation and AD through the "flora-intestine-brain" axis.

The results of this study have certain significance for the application of selenopeptide (Se-Ps) in the prevention or treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD).

The results of this study also provide an important reference for the development and utilization of active substances of edible fungi.

Founded in 1998, Yuewei is a high-tech enterprise established by the Institute of Microbiology of Guangdong Academy of Sciences and its researchers.

It has long been committed to the study of the efficacy of rare edible and medicinal fungi, extraction and separation of active components, domestication of wild strains and development of new functional products.

The company has established Guangdong Province International Science and Technology Cooperation Base, Guangdong Edible Mushroom Engineering Technology Development Center and postdoctoral Science and Technology Workstation, and built a domestic leading research platform for circular RNA, intestinal flora and immunity enhancement, anti-tumor, anti-aging and uric acid reduction.

Relying on the strong scientific research advantages, the business extends to the new field of medical nutrition special medicine food, and sets up the "Wanmette Medicine" business department.

It is committed to the R & D and production of special medical formula food for Chinese people, providing more accurate nutritional support for the treatment and rehabilitation of people with clinical special needs, and leading the development of the natural health industry of "selenium-rich Cordyceps militaris powder". Empower the whole industry.

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