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Issuing time:2022-11-17 09:41

Good news| Yue Wei won the honor again and won the "Outstanding Innovation Award" in the Fifth Natural New Power selection in 2022!

A few days ago, the results of the fifth "Natural New Power" innovative product selection contest were officially announced, of which 130 + enterprises and 260 + products participated in this competition.

In the end, Yuewei Shuanglishu edible fungus tablet candy stood out and won the "Outstanding Innovation Award" and became a "leader" among many participating enterprises and products.

About the new forces of nature

It is reported that the fifth innovative product selection of "Natural New Power" is sponsored by the professional media Zhiti Bridge, which has been deeply cultivated in the natural nutrition and health industry for more than a decade, adhering to the principle of scientific, professional and applied experience, and encouraging the creation of products. committed to exploring innovative and high-quality products in the industry, highlighting the innovative style of the natural health industry.

The selection has a perfect selection mechanism, through the product positioning, formula, taste, experience, efficacy, packaging and other dimensions, after layers of selection, and finally select the industry benchmark quality products.

So far, the competition has unearthed and displayed tens of thousands of innovative products.

In 2022, natural new forces activities will be divided into the selection of innovative raw materials in the first half of the year and the selection of innovative products in the second half of the year, two activities for different types of enterprises.

Yue Wei won the "Source ingredient Award" for selenium-rich Cordyceps militaris powder in the first half of the year, and now Shuanglishu edible fungus tablet-pressing candy won the honor again in the second half of the year, winning the "Outstanding Innovation Award", which can be said to show the enterprise's elegant demeanor and shine in the competition.

Shuanglishu Edible Fungi tablet Candy

Yuewei Shuanglishu edible fungus tablet pressing candy is selected by the large database to optimize the Cordyceps militaris strain and the new resource food issued by the National Health and Family Planning Commission.Through the patented technology of "an aqueous extract of Cordyceps militaris, preparation method and application" patented by the Institute of Microbiology of Guangdong Academy of Sciences, a high purity active extract was obtained from Cordyceps militaris. The content of Cordyceps militaris extract in Shuanglishu edible fungus tablet candy is as high as 50%.

It is also paired with acicular cherries imported from Brazil, the fruit of life rich in VC, especially suitable for people who often eat seafood, old hot soup every day, love hot pot, animal offal and so on.

Especially in recent years, the incidence of hyperuricemia is increasing day by day, which is not only the basis of gout, but also closely related to the occurrence and development of diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, chronic kidney disease and so on.

In order to verify the efficacy, the research team of Yuewei conducted an experimental study on the effect of selenium-rich Cordyceps militaris on hyperuricemia mice, which showed that selenium-rich Cordyceps militaris had certain potential in the development of uric acid-lowering and antioxidant products, and no liver and kidney damage was found in the tested dose range.

Guangdong micro Edible Mushroom Technology Co., Ltd

Yue Wei is a national high-tech enterprise formed by Guangdong Institute of Microbiology and its researchers, which is originated from the Institute of Microbiology of Guangdong Academy of Sciences for 50 years.

Specializing in the efficacy research of edible (medicinal) bacteria, extraction and separation of active components, functional new products (including health food, nutritious food, mushroom, skin care raw materials, development and breeding of excellent and new strains and promotion of factory cultivation techniques.

Guangdong International Science and Technology Cooperation Base was established, Guangdong Edible Mushroom Engineering and Technology Development Center was approved in 2011, Guangzhou postdoctoral Innovation practice Base was awarded in 2013, and postdoctoral research workstation was awarded by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in August of the same year.

Yuewei also won the titles of "Top Ten Ganoderma lucidum Brands in China", "National excellent Brand of Edible Mushroom Industry" and "famous Trademark of Guangdong Province".

Whether it is raw material innovation or product innovation, Yuewei is always committed to the front end, to export high-quality products with the edible mushroom industry, to empower the whole industry, and to provide more accurate nutritional support for every friend who needs nutritious food.

References: Tan Xupeng, Liang Huijia, Yun Hao, Yang Yongshan, Jiao Chunwei, Xie Yizhen. Effect of selenium-enriched Cordyceps militaris on hyperuricemia in mice [J].

Journal of Edible Fungi. (2018): 53-59.

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